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Retina Associates of New York Now Has Own "Ambulatory Surgery Center"

The Retina Associates of New York has officially opened its newly constructed “Ambulatory Surgery Center.” Located next to our New York medical office, it features two fully equipped state-of-the-art operating rooms, as well as up to date pre-op and post-op areas designed for the highest quality patient care. Relatives and friends are invited to wait in an elegant marble lobby with comfortable seating and a friendly staff. The driving force behind this remarkable achievement of a private set-up has been Dr. Ben Z. Cohen himself, whose untiring efforts, along with the cooperation of our doctors and determination of our Project Manager Lynn Renee Cohen, Ph.D., has led to the realization of this dream. So what’s in it for the patient? Leading edge surgical technology and the opportunity to stay within our facility during the entire diagnostic and treatment process. No more referrals or arduous trips to other surgical establishments. One more step towards providing you the best possible care.

Doc Accomplishes "Mission Africa"

Recently, Dr. Kenneth Wald returned home after a highly successful week-long surgical mission in Uganda. Dr. Wald was one of four American ophthalmologists that served on-board ORBIS, a charitable organization that operates a “flying eye hospital.” The aircraft itself houses an operating room, and clinic. During this mission, the ORBIS aircraft was stationed at Entebbe Airport, Uganda. While in Africa, Dr. Wald operated on a number of under-privileged patients who were blind in both eyes, and also educated local eye surgeons about the most recent advances in surgical techniques of the Retina and the Vitreous. Dr. Wald’s attitude towards such noble causes may be summed up by his answer to the question – “How was the experience?” “Thoroughly satisfying, but I’d like to go back there as soon as I get another opportunity. A lot more needs to be done.”

Dr. Wald with his daughter Brittany in front of
Mulago Hospital, Kampala

Dr. Wald being honored for his contribution in the service towards the visually handicapped patients in Uganda

Orbis, "The Flying Eye Hospital"

Dr. Wald in a lecture session with local doctors

Dr. "Jeff" Lends a Helping Hand in Phillippines

Dr. Jeffrey Paccione, fondly known as “Doctor Jeff”, recently returned from a well-accomplished medical mission in the Philippines. He was, as a Retinal Surgeon, part of a team of prominent ophthalmologists associated with the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital that went to the Far-East on a medical cum surgical ophthalmic mission to provide care to the underprivileged sections of society. The host for the mission was the Angeles University, Philippines. When we spoke to Dr. Paccione about the mission, he said, “It was a great experience in a beautiful country with extremely nice and warm-hearted people. The program was well executed and I am more than eager to go back and do whatever little I can to help those lovely, but at the same time needy people out there!”


New Drug Provides Greater Hope for 'Age-Related Macular Degeneration'

Since the FDA approved the new drug “Lucentis”* for the treatment of the “WET” form of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Retina Associates of New York has been, and continues to be, involved in research related to Lucentis and other new treatment options.

For the past several years, Dr. Wald has partnered with major pharmaceutical companies to serve as a clinical site for investigative therapies and the prevention/treatment of conditions such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) and Central Retinal Vein Occlusion (CRVO). While Dr. Wald screens patients for participation in the studies, highly trained technicians track data that the pharmaceutical companies compile and formulate into results. For more information on these studies, as well as patient enrollment, please contact Ms. Nancy Lo (Study Coordinator) at 212-772-0600.

*The generic name of Lucentis is Ramibizumab, a monoclonal anti-body that acts by blocking VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor). VEGF is responsible for the growth of fragile new blood vessels underneath the Retina that can leak blood and fluid, causing a profound decrease in vision. Lucentis has been proven to actually improve the condition in many cases, and most often prevent further progress of the disorder. For more information on the drug, you may kindly visit